Project Name: Trim Kids Program

This project was funded by the ASMBS Foundation, and is not a current or ongoing program of the ASMBS Foundation. For more information on this project please contact the grant recipient – YMCA of Greater Des Moines.

Program Activities and Description:
Trim Kids is a multi-disciplinary 12-week plan for overweight children (ages 6-18 years), which gives parents and children an approach to lifetime weight management, thus decreasing the likelihood of developing diabetes.

Trim Kids is anestablished, individualized approach to weight management that understands the needs of overweight children vary with their ranges of obesity. Referrals from pediatricians are the primary source of applicants to the program, based on BMY over the 95th percentile. The 12-week program focuses on dietary intervention, physical exercise and behavioral/emotional counseling in order to comprehensively address the underlying issues of youth obesity and achieve and maintain long-term success.

The overall goal of Trim Kids is to prevent and manage youth obesity, lowering the likelihood of developing diabetes and other diseases.