Project Name: Shape IQ

This project was funded by the ASMBS Foundation, and is not a current or ongoing program of the ASMBS Foundation. For more information on this project please contact the grant recipient – Middle Tennessee State University Foundation, Nashville .

Shape IQ will educate groups of university students on the importance of strength training, in addition to walking, in combating obesity.

Program Activities and Description:
In recent studies resistance band strength has been shown to be even more effective than other types. The reason: the utility and versatility of the method. The most crucial factor in strength training is consistency. Because of their portability, easy handling and storage the bands win out in overall consistency of use. They are very inexpensive in comparison to other equipment as well, which is another big plus.

Young people at college age arein the final formative stages of brain and personality development. The prefrontal cortex where executive function and right and wrong decision making is done is solidifying at this life stage. It is one of the biologically best times to instill a rational and positive lifestyle habit. Obesity is a problem that is much more easily prevented than it is changed. This program can play a pivotal role at a critical juncture in these young people’s lives. It will give them an avenue to practice a very important health habit for the rest of their lives. Adherents of the program can expect to raise their ratio of lean body mass while lowering their amount of body fat! It should be kept in mind that muscle burns many times more energy even at rest than fat does. The higher muscle to fat ratio will also facilitate movement exercise. An expected change would be more strength exercisers.

With a steady dose of this program going on, the community can expect a more and more healthy populace. It also can be expected that local health related insurance claims will eventually start to diminish.