By leaving a legacy contribution to the ASMBS Foundation, you guarantee the continued efforts of the ASMBS Foundation to fund bariatric surgery research, increase professional education, fund community outreach and improve the lives of those affected by obesity and morbid obesity.

With a planned gift to the ASMBS Foundation, you can combine your desire to give to charity with your overall financial, tax, and estate planning goals. Your planned gift gives you a special connection with the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, and you will help those touched by obesity—for now and for years to come.

Making a planned gift to the ASMBS Foundation is a wise investment that can provide valuable tax benefits to you and a lifetime of benefits to those impacted by the Foundation’s programs. At the ASMBS Foundation, when you make a planned gift, you become a member of the Legacy Society, a group of individuals who have taken the extra initiative to support the works of the Foundation by including it in their estate plans. Although complex options are available, very simple options are available as well, by just including the ASMBS Foundation as a beneficiary in your will, retirement plan, life insurance, trusts or other estate planning vehicles.

What is Planned Giving?

Planned gifts are usually made with assets accumulated during one’s lifetime. The gift can be a designated portion of your estate or it can be more specifically defined as a gift of securities, cash, insurance policies, real estate and/or tangible personal property including collectibles.

Endowing Your Gift

Although not required, most planned gifts are given to the Foundation’s endowment fund. An endowment is the part of the Foundation’s assets invested in perpetuity. The earnings from the endowment are available to support the mission and operations of the Foundation. The larger the endowment, the more impact the Foundation can have. Gifts made to the Legacy Society enable the Foundation to plan long term for the programs and activities around research, professional education and community outreach. In addition, a healthy endowment helps meet program needs and extend our outreach independently of the current financial environment.

Designating Your Gift to a Specific Area of Interest

If you wish to designate your gift to support a specific area of the Foundation’s mission, you are welcome to choose the area that matches your area of greatest commitment. Gifts can be made to support research, professional education, community outreach and education as well as the Walk from Obesity.

No Gift is Too Small

Your gift will make a difference! You do not need to have amassed great personal wealth to make a gift. Most of us have accumulated some assets and are concerned about what person or cause they will benefit, but no planned gift is too small. With sensible investment, the smallest contribution will grow significantly over the years.

Making a Legacy Contribution

There are many types of planned giving opportunities but one of the easiest to undertake is by making a bequest gift (designating in your will) to the ASMBS Foundation. Here is some simple language: “I hereby give and bequeath

[amount in dollars, percentage amount, specific item) to the ASMBS Foundation, a Florida non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, having federal tax identification number 59-3520006, with its headquarters located at 100 SW 75th Street, Suite 201, Gainesville, FL 32607, for its [general purposes, endowment or specific program].”

For More Information

If you would like more details on any of the above information, or other estate planning and planned giving options, please call the ASBMS Foundation office at 352-332-9100 or email us at All inquiries will be kept strictly confidential.

Download the Leaving a Legacy Brochure

Disclaimer: Neither The ASMBS Foundation, nor its Board or Staff, is engaged in rendering legal or tax advisory services. For advice and assistance, personal legal or tax advisory counsel should be obtained.