The ASMBS Integrated Health Research Award is given in recognition to the health care provider that demonstrates excellence in bariatric surgery research, and whose research/presentation has valuable implications for the Integrated Health professional practicing in the field of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

The ASMBS Integrated Health Reseach Award is sponsored by the ASMBS Foundation.

The recipients of this award are selected by the Integrated Health Abstract Committee. Each committee member will rate the speaker and abstract on the following:

  • Planning, organization and understanding
  • Appropriate and relevant literature
  • Research methods, research design and statistical analyses
  • Presentation of results, tables and figures
  • Visual aids
  • Contribution to clinical practice or knowledge
  • Presentation
  • Enthusiasm and ability to stimulate interest among the audience
  • Enunciation and voice projection
  • Effective and thorough response to audience questions

2018-2019 Award Recipient:

Graham Thomas, PhD - Abstract: It’s Not You, It’s Me: Ecological Momentary Assessment Using Mobile Technology Shows Affect

2017 Award Recipients:

1st place: Molly Orcutt, DO
2nd place: William Gourash, PhD

2014 Award recipients:

1st place:  James Mitchell, MD
2nd place:  Christopher Daigle, MD

2012 Award recipients:

1st place:  Wendy King, PhD
2nd place:  Conor Magee, MD

2013 Award recipients:

1st place:  Dale Bond, PhD
2nd place:  Jonathan Carter, MD

2011 Award recipients:

1st place:  Paul Lorentz, MS, RN, RD
2nd place:  Nestor de la Cruz-Munoz, MD