The Bryan Woodward Community Grant Program was founded to support local initiatives in addressing the obesity epidemic in cities that host a Walk from Obesity. Only those organizations located in a Walk city may apply (for a list of Walk cities, visit Preference is given to those who participated in the Walk from Obesity.

Grants are awarded in amounts of $5,000 or less.

The ASMBS Foundation encourages grant requests for projects or programs that:

  • are likely to have a substantial impact on the quality of life of those affected by obesity in the community;
  • propose practical ways to address issues and problems associated with obesity;
  • leverage other sources of support (i.e., funds or volunteers);
  • stimulate others to participate in addressing the obesity epidemic;
  • are innovative, a new initiative, or an enhancement of a program;
  • are cooperative efforts and minimize or eliminate duplication of services;
  • are sustainable over time.

Grant funds are limited, so there are restrictions on the scope of the activities supported. In general, grants may not be used for:

  • unrestricted general operating expenses;
  • the use of and payment for services of a fiscal agent;
  • endowment funds;
  • religious organizations for religious purposes;
  • fundraising activities or events (i.e., annual fund drives, telephone solicitations, benefit tickets);
  • umbrella funding organizations that intend to distribute funds at their own discretion;
  • political lobbying or legislative activities;
  • individuals.
  • research (alternate programs are available for funding research).

Grant Policies & Procedures

Grant funds are specifically restricted to use in addressing the obesity epidemic in the local community through both prevention and/or intervention programs.

Maximum funding amount is $5,000.

  • Grant Requests are only accepted from organizations that are tax-exempt (or have applied for tax-exempt status) under Sections 501(c)(3) or 170(b)(1)(a)(vi) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • The procedure for applying for a grant is to submit a Grant Request, in accordance with the requirements detailed below.
  • Grants will only be awarded to organizations that have met all the deadlines for project reporting and accountability for any previous grant from the Foundation.
  • Grant recipients will be required to submit a comprehensive final report on the project or program no later than one year after the grant is awarded.
  • Grant requests are accepted at any time for consideration. There is no deadline for submitting a request.
  • Only one grant request from an organization will be accepted during a 12-month period.
  • Grant Requests will not be accepted from an organization already granted funds until the funded project is complete and a Final Report has been submitted.

In general, the decision-making process takes four to six months from date of receipt of the Grant Request. Applicants should carefully consider the timing for filing a request, based on the length of time it takes to consider an applicant’s request.

All applicants will be notified in writing of the final decision regarding their Grant Request.

Project Information

Please provide the information requested below in six (6) pages or less. The information requested should be numbered and provided in the following order.

  1. Project Name. Name of the project.
  2. Organization Summary: Details on organization, history, mission, accomplishments and Board.
  3. Project Cost: State the total cost of the project and the amount requested from the Foundation for the project.
  4. Project Description: Describe the project, including a summary of the obesity-related critical issues/opportunities it addresses; its benefits to the community, and the changes/results it hopes to achieve.
  5. Project Timeline: Include beginning, end and key events. Be sure to specify the timeframe when the funding requested from the Foundation would be spent.
  6. Key Staff and Volunteers: List the names of key staff and volunteers involved with the project. Include brief background information on these people.
  7. Board Support: What percentage of the agency’s board provided financial support to the organization in the in the most recent fiscal year? What was the total amount of the financial support received from Board members in the most recent fiscal year? (Please indicate the year for which this information is provided.)
  8. Evaluation: What objective criteria will indicate the project is a success? How will you know if the criteria are met?
  9. Project Budget: Specifically itemize the project showing how the funds requested from the Foundation will be used and identifying sources of revenue for other project expenses.

Checklist for Grant Request Attachments:

  • Project information
  • List of board of directors, showing occupation if any, of each board member
  • Current operating budget
  • Most recent year-end financial statements (provide audit, if one is prepared)
  • Most recent IRS Informational Return Form 990, if applicable
  • 501(c)(3) Tax-determination letter
  • Accreditation certificate, if applicable
  • Letters from recipient organization(s), if the project/program involves providing services to other organization(s)

The Grant Request Packet may be mailed or delivered to the ASMBS Foundation.
Sorry, faxed requests will not be accepted.

Mailing Address:
14260 W. Newberry Road #418
Newberry, FL 32669

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