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Operation M.O.R.E. is a campaign created by the ASMBS Foundation to raise Monies for Obesity Research and Education. Fundings from the Operation M.O.R.E. campaign has helped kick start educational programs, awarded research grants and supported advocacy initiatives regarding the obesity epidemic. The goal of Operation M.O.R.E. is to raise $5 million within the first five years and $10 million within 10 years to ensure the needs of the ASMBS and its members.

This campaign starts with the members of the ASMBS and includes hospitals, industry, patients and all those affected by the disease of obesity. Donations are necessary to support the mission of the ASMBS by funding educational programs and research projects.

Through individual and corporate contributions, Operation M.O.R.E. has raised over 1.5 million dollars and the goal is to reach the 5 million dollar mark.

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As of the fourth quarter 2013, the Foundation has given a total of $1,521,000 in support of the ASMBS.

We have big dreams and the only way we can make them come true is through a continuous process of fundraising. We want as many members to contribute as they can, at whatever dollar amount they can afford. Big donations are important, but even a lot of small donations can make a very big difference.
Dr. Raul Rosenthal, ASMBS Foundation President
The ASMBS Foundation is for the benefit of our members, but we cannot exist without the support of our members. We need to do a better job explaining the important work we do so members make contributing to their foundation more of a priority.
Dr. David Provost, ASMBS Foundation Past President

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