Inside the ASMBS Foundation

member-MortonWe at ASMBS Foundation are excited to launch a new monthly series highlighting our extraordinary Board of Directors. Our first featured board member is John Magaña Morton, MD. Dr. Morton is Chief of Bariatric and Minimally Invasive Surgery at Stanford University School of Medicine. Currently, he heads the Bariatric and Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship and is Co-Director of the Stanford Digestive Health Center. John is also Past President of the ASMBS.

Why do you serve on the ASMBS Foundation Board?
I am honored to serve on the ASMBS Foundation Board because I believe our foundation is the best means to improve the health and welfare of our obese patients.

Board members receive no compensation, and fundraising is often difficult. What motivates you?
I am motivated to serve on the ASMBS Foundation Board because we need the Foundation to raise awareness for the most effective and enduring means of achieving weight loss.

How has the ASMBS Foundation supported the ASMBS vision; “to improve public health and well-being by lessening the burden of the disease of obesity and related diseases throughout the world”?
The ASMBS Foundation has been critical to our mission of increasing access to needed therapy. The ASMBS Foundation has been hugely supportive of advocacy from state to federal. Without the ASMBS Foundation, we would not have the current coverage we have for bariatric surgery.

How do you view the future of metabolic and bariatric surgery? And how critical is the ASMBS Foundation to actualize these goals?
The hard work of proving bariatric surgery’s effectiveness and safety has been demonstrated in full. We need to raise further awareness of bariatric surgery and the ASMBS Foundation can help us reach that goal.